K12 Blended Learning Centers: Frequently Asked Questions

What grades are available at Stride K12 at the Blended Learning Centers?

With the exception of a few locations, each Center offers opportunities for grades 4–12.

Classrooms have low teacher-to-student ratios, ensuring quality instruction so that students are able to maximize their learning potential.

Who is eligible to enroll in the Blended Learning program?

Any Arizona student interested in enrolling and willing to make a commitment to participate in blended learning opportunities at a learning center is eligible.

How do students participate in the program?

Students interested in participating in the Blended Center programs will have the opportunity to sign up during the enrollment process. In addition, currently enrolled students interested in attending can sign up by sending an email to Trisha Jones, at trjones@k12.com or by contacting our enrollment center at 877.382.6449 for more information.

Is space limited at each Blended Learning Center?

Each Center does provide for limited enrollment at locations; open hours of operation are 8–am–5pm, M–F.  Specific information regarding enrollment can be answered by contacting Trisha Jones at trjones@k12.com.

How many days a week can students attend the Blended Learning Centers?

Blended Learning students are able to choose a full or part-time model for traditional schooling.  Full time would be Mondays and Wednesdays, 8am-12pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8am - 3pm.  Drop-in tutoring is also available Monday and Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings.  Please contact site for specific times and availabilities.  

Will transportation be provided or coordinated for students?

Transportation is currently the responsibility of each student and family for their scheduled Center sessions. We provide public transportation options for students in selected areas.

Will students be loaned a Stride K12 computer for home use?

Qualifying students may be loaned a computer to assist with the completion of online work. This determination will be made during the enrollment process. Blended Learning Centers are all equipped with desktop computers for participating students.

What materials are students expected to bring the Blended Center sessions?

As part of enrollment in Insight Academy of Arizona and participation in the Blended Center sessions, all books, materials, and course supplies are provided. However, students are expected to bring their books with them each day as necessary for the planned coursework.

Who is responsible for monitoring and supporting students?

Each Blended Learning Center site will be staffed by a highly qualified, Arizona Certified teacher and multi paraprofessionals who are employed by Insight Academy of Arizona and trained in student management, school policies, and procedures. In addition, students will work with an online Arizona-certified teacher in subject-specific areas during the school year.

Will online teachers be in contact with onsite teachers and site coordinators to discuss student progress and achievements?

Procedures will be established to monitor individual student progress and achievement, and will be determined on an as-needed basis by each center.

Will there be socialization and/or onsite club opportunities?   

Yes, each blended learning center offers community engagement activities along with clubs that provide opportunities for socialization.