one.n.ten Blended Learning Center: Frequently Asked Questions

What grades are available at Q High Blended Learning Center?

Enrollment is available at the Q High Learning Center for students in grades 7–12. Students who have previously dropped out of school are able to attend as long as they enroll before their 20th birthday.

Who is eligible to enroll in the program?

The Q High Learning Center is a welcoming space for students who identify as LGBTQ, or as a Straight Ally. Any student who has residency in the state of Arizona is able to enroll, including currently enrolled AZVA and ISAZ students. 

How do students participate in the program?

Students are able to complete the enrollment process online, or by contacting the Site Coordinator, Ashley Archibald (

Is space limited at each Blended Learning Center?

For information about enrollment or to check capacity, contact Ashley Archibald (

Will transportation be provided or coordinated for students?

Daily bus passes are provided for students and the center is located within walking distance from the light rail station and other bus stops.

Will students be issued a K12 computer for home use?

Each student has their own workstation with a computer to use during the day. Families may qualify for computers to use at home.

What materials are students expected to bring for their blended learning sessions?

The Q High Learning Center houses the required books, materials, and course supplies, as needed. Students are able to take the material and supplies home with them, however, they are expected to bring them each day to complete the day’s coursework.

Who is responsible for monitoring and supporting students?

The Site Coordinator is able to help students with their coursework and guidance. Students do have access to their teachers throughout the day, and onsite tutoring services are available.

Will teachers be in contact with site coordinators to discuss student progress and achievement?

The Site Coordinator is in regular contact with each student's teacher to ensure all students are progressing in their classes. Teachers occasionally visit the Q High Learning Center to interact with the students, provide additional instruction or help, and complete hands–on–activities.