Family Academic Support Team

A Team Committed to Your Student's Success

The Family Academic Support Team is here to help support our families, when students are in crisis, experiencing academic, family, or social challenges, or are struggling to fully engage in the academics in our online public school.

What the Team Does

The purpose of the team is to eliminate the barriers and risk factors that make students vulnerable to falling behind in classes, failing classes, or dropping out.

With an ongoing responsibility to build relationships outside of the school, the team advocates for local and national resources to give students access to necessary social services. The goal is to build within the school an infrastructure of support, before needs arise, for anything that may jeopardize a student's education, such as medical challenges, domestic issues, legal trouble, or even computer and Internet problems.

Connecting to the Team

Our teachers and staff are specially trained to identify students struggling academically or experiencing hardship. In those cases, staff members at our school request additional assistance from the Family Academic Support Team. This team then works with students and families, offering guidance and support as needed, connecting them with additional support resources, and working directly to help them engage in our online public school.