Meet the Family Academic Support Team


Family Engagement Administrator

Elizabeth Hall

Elizabeth Hall joined AZVA in 2009 as a high school electives teacher. She holds a Bachelor's degree in History, and a Master's degree in Education-Curriculum and Instruction: Technology from Grand Canyon University. Her classroom experience includes teaching technology to students from Pre-K to 12th grade in both brick-and-mortar and online schools. Elizabeth moved into the District Test Coordinator position in 2010 and coordinated all state-wide testing for students at Arizona Virtual Academy and Insight Academy of Arizona. Since 2016, she has been the Family Engagement Administrator at our schools working with a team to provide engagement support for families struggling in our online public schools. Her focus is to provide the tools, knowledge and strategies to help families and students be successful in schooling online by leading a team of dedicated professionals that provide online and in-person support. Her passion for students’ success drives her to provide varied engagement strategies for families and students.

An inside tidbit is that Elizabeth loves the holiday season. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, she reflects on the importance of family and friends. You will find her decorating the inside of her home and baking—Elizabeth LOVES to bake; especially this time of year.

Elizabeth would take students on a cross country road trip. She believes we live in an amazing country and everyone should take the time to explore it. In Elizabeth’s words; “Unless you get in a car to see all of the amazing places, towns, geography, and people; you truly cannot understand this amazing and diverse place we all have the privilege to call home”.

Family Engagement Coordinator

CJ Berndt

CJ Berndt, prior to joining the Family Academic Support Team in 2016, Mrs. Berndt was a middle school special education teacher. With a background in community behavioral health and social services, her goal is to get families connected to our school. A Sundevil through and through, Mrs. Berndt earned both her B.S. and M. Ed. from Arizona State University. In 2014 she was the Teach For America Sue Lehmann Excellence in Education Finalist representing Special Education for Arizona. In 2015 she was chosen as Teacher of the Year by the Future Farmers of America students at her school in rural Arizona. One of Mrs. Berndt's favorite quotes: "You can make your parents proud. You can make your school proud. You can touch millions of people's lives and the world will never be the same again because you came this way. Don't let anybody steal your dream!" -Les Brown

Family Compliance Liaison

Jennifer Parrish

Jennifer Parrish, has been with AZVA and ISAZ for four years. This is her third year as the Family Compliance Liaison. She started out with AZVA as a Learning Coach then attendance Processor. She loves to read, swim, and dedicate time to helping animals and people. If she could take students on a field trip anywhere in the world, she would take students to a third world country. They would be able to live like the natives in the country. The take away would be to appreciate what we have in the U.S.A. We have a wonderful government, freedom, and choices in all we say and do.

Family Engagement Coach-Lead

Daisha Oshiro

Daisha Oshiro, started her career with K12 in 2013 as a special education teacher and in 2015 moved over to the FAST team. She brings over 20 years of experience in education as a special education teacher and general education teacher, she has also been a program coach and a Family Engagement Liaison. She has her BA in Special Education and Elementary Education from NAU and a MA in Educational Leadership from NAU. She has teaching certificates for K-12th grades. Mrs. Oshiro's favorite quote is "You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose."

Family Academic Support, Resource Coordinator

Tara Ford

Tara Ford, has been working with K12 for 9 years. She has loved being part of the FAST team serving as the Family Resource Coordinator. She is married to my high school sweetheart, and they have 6 kids ranging in age from 14 years old to 6 months old. They have lived in Arizona for 16 years. Originally, she is from Michigan and every year they spend the entire summer in Michigan, swimming in lakes, riding bikes, and catching fireflies. She loves to be outside and spending time with her family. She looks forward to serving families who are enrolled with our wonderful school. Her favorite place to visit is Mackinac Island. No cars are allowed on the island. It is only 8 miles around and you get from place to place by walking, riding a bike, or taking a horse and carriage. If she could take students on a field trip anywhere, she would you take them to Mackinac Island for sure. There is a lot of history in Fort Mackinac, cannons blast, rifles fire, soldiers march and history really come alive as they recreate what it was like to be a soldier in the 1800’s.

Family Engagement Coach

Kimberly Keseloff

Kimberly Keseloff, has worked with K12 virtual schools since school year 2014-2015. She has a BS in Elementary Education and an M.Ed. in educational technology with an emphasis on adult learning and training. She has a passion for the online learning environment and strives to help all learners be successful in online learning. Kimberly's master’s degree was completed online with Northern Arizona University and she is Familiar with schooling virtually.

Family Engagement Coach

Krystal Loa

Krystal Loa joined FAST in 2017 as an Engagement Coach, providing extra support to students who need that extra encouragement and accountability. She enjoys helping students become more successful with that extra support. Mrs. Loa likes being able to reach each student individually, help them find solutions and create plans to be successful in their online school environment. Mrs. Loa flew an airplane at 16 years old. Mrs. Loa feels that online learning is a great way to ensure safety for students. She also appreciates the flexibility for students being able to school anywhere as long as they have their computer and internet access. Several 12th grade students in Mrs. Loa's class were able to pull themselves across the finish line and graduate with the support and encouragement from FAST, teachers, advisors and counselors. Mrs. Loa's favorite quote to share is, "Keep moving forward". She says, "Sometimes we have hard things happen in our lives, but the key is to keep moving forward and never stop trying". Mrs. Loa would take her students to New York City for a field trip if able to take them anywhere in the world. There is so much history there for us to explore and learn.