Meet Our Team

Leverage the Experience of Seasoned Leadership

The Insight Academy of Arizona is dedicated to empowering our virtual school with ideal learning experiences for all students. Additionally, the K12 support staff handles the technology and other back-end business aspects for our schools, providing all families with a strong technical support system.

Meet our Leadership Team.

Team Up with Certified, Highly Qualified Teachers

Our state-certified, Highly Qualified teachers average 15 years of experience in traditional school settings as well as virtual school environments. All of our teachers are committed to serving their students and helping you, the parent, every step of the way.

Meet our Insight of Arizona teachers.

The Arizona State fiscal year 2019 budget requires school districts and charter schools to report the following information publicly on the school’s website:

  1. The average raise amount by percentage your teachers will receive in 2018-19: 9.6% increase
  2. The average amount of raw dollars increase your teachers will receive in 2018-19: $4,085
  3. The average teacher salary in 2018-19: $46,530